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Infinity mirror design:
Follow the Light
PWM Intelligent temperature control: HB-12 with PWM Auto Speed Function, it can automatically adjusted according to the internal temperature of the chassis to achieve a balance between heat dissipation and low noise requirements.
Super strong air volume, take away heat: Following the aerodynamic design, the 9-blade large air volume brings continuous heat dissipation inside the chassis.
Stainless steel shaft + hydraulic bearing: 3000Hrs long service life, strong reliability and stability, low friction and low noise.
Thoughtful details, safe experience: 4x2 silicone shock pads, effectively reducing the noise caused by resonance when installed on the chassis.



Model: Segotep HB12-BR
Size: 120 x 120 x 26mm
Operating Voltage: DC 12V
Start-up Voltage: DC 5V Max
Rated Current: 0.15A(Fan)/0.36A(LED)
Fan Speed: 600-1800 ±10%RPM
Air Volume: 28.63CFM(Max)
Air Pressure: 0.52mm-H2O(Max)
Noise: 34.35dB(A)(Max)
Fan Interface: 5V ARGB 3Pin + PWM 4Pin

Segotep HB 12 Reverse Blade 120mm ARGB Casing Fan Black

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