• RK916 is a 107 key RGB backlit mechanical switch Gaming Keyboard with Volume Knob ( Available in Red/Blue Switch )
  • Support Easy Access Media Keys with Volume Knob + One Click Mute Function
  • Support FN combination key to achieve hardware function switching
  • Support full key no conflict
  • Support a variety of backlight mode adjustment.
  • Upper cover / lower cover: ABS
  • Medium board: iron
  • Light escent box: transparent ABS+ guide powder
  • Knob shell: aluminum Fracket / function key / knob housing: ABS
  • PCB:FR-4, double-panel
  • IC chip:HFD2201KBA,IC LQFP64

Cable: PVC, gilded USB head, with magnetic ring, with SR, exposed length of 1800mm

  • RK 916 Software


RK 916 Mechanical Keyboard ( Blue / Red Switch )

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