• 121000ks 
  • Reliable Dual Modes with Maximum 6 Devices: What makes the keystroke registration instantly with ultra-low latency is the advanced bluetooth chip. Up to 6 different devices switchable with FN + Q/W/E/R/T in wireless mode plus a wired device will hype you up and maximize your productivity.
  • Ambidextrous Shape with Maneuverable Simplicity: Compact minimalistic layout with 71 keys makes you a neat desktop, even folks have nothing to do with Minimalist will dive into its tiny practical design. Tips you might want to know is that keyboard without numpad is most FPS gamers’ choice, more spaces left for mouse movements.
  • DIY All You Want To: Another creative breakthrough of RK71 is the high-performance driver, diverse RGB effects are adjustable with custom. Moreover, the software will take good care of you when you have extra needs except for 3 on-the-fly macro settings. Full keys programmable, multiple keybindings, software activate binding and so on, more functions are waiting for you to explore. Driver Link http://bit.ly/RK71Keyboard
  • Moderate Balance of Brown Switches: If you are still cudgeling your brain of what switch to choose and get confused with different features of them. Go ahead for the brown with gentle and stable features, it compromises both tactile and low noise two supreme merits and offers you the most friendly and satisfying experience.
  • Long-lasting & Abundant Battery: The core of a wireless keyboard is the battery, RK71 equipped with an upgraded 1000mAh battery satisfies you more than just the basics of everyday use. 3 hours fast recharging time will bring it online asap, it will never lay down even if you are tired. Up to 360 hours standby time reduces recharging times maximally and prolong the battery lifespan.

RK 71 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Black or White ( Cherry MX Blue or Red )