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Mode: T200
Series: Tank-series
Color: Black
Recommended height: 185 cm (around 6')
Maximum height: 200 cm (around 6'5")
Maximal load capacity: 200 kg (around 440lbs)
Height adjustability: Yes
Armrests: 4D
Minimum seat height: 48 cm (around 1'5")
Maximum seat height: 58 cm (around 1'9")
Mass: 38 kg (around 83lbs)
Minimum height: 132 cm (around 4'3")
Maximal height: 142 cm (around 4'6")
Width: 61 cm (around 2') (seat with side panels) 
Depth: 50 cm (around 1'6")
Seat width: 42 cm (around 1'3")
Cross/Skeleton: metal
Mechanics: swinging
The goods are intended for: office, managers, for gaming, etc.
Wheel pin diameter: 11 mm
Material: synthetic leather
Abrasion resistance: 82000 cycles
Bolster: with headrest
Use: office, gaming chair
Accessories: with headrest, without seat adjustment, armrests - adjustable

DxRacer Tank Series T200/N (Black)

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